Online Health and Nutrition Store,, Launches Healthy Choices for Kids

Five Best Food and Nutrition Tracking Tools

The owners of Whole Soul Nutrition say, Healthy Choices for Kids is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Parents benefit by providing healthy choices to their kids and the products are delivered conveniently to their front door. Kids benefit from the healthy nutrition they receive. Schools benefit with funds that will directly support important nutrition, health and physical education programs that are often very tight on budget.
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As a registered dietitian, I am often asked if steak is a &quot… HeartGift Fort Worth January 30, 2013 As we head into February and our thoughts turn to all things hearts, I am honored and excited to be working for HeartGift. As a dietitian, I know the effect heart conditions can have on children not only nutritionally… New Year’s Solutions December 31, 2012 As the Nutrition Examiner for Fort Worth, Texas, I have explored different aspects of nutrition throughout the city this year.
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Fort Worth Nutrition Examiner

SparkPeople sports mobile apps for iOS and Android to help you track yourself on the go, and a barcode scanner for packaged food. SparkPeople’s community is massive and sprawling, and its network of sites contain a wealth of information, recipes, health and nutrition news, tips, and information. However, the flip side of that is that it can be intimidating to new users, difficult to get your arms around, and difficult to stick with. Sparkpeople has multiple mobile apps, different forums for different sites, and while your one login should carry you across most of them, it can be a little off-putting. Still, it has one of the web’s biggest databases of food and nutrition info, and a great option if you’re looking for a really deep community and a powerful tracking tool. Basic services are free, but for more recipes, tips, and some of SparkPeople’s other services (like the motivational SparkCoach, among others) will very definitely cost you money. CRON-O-Meter CRON-O-Meter is a bit simpler than some of the other tools that want to position themselves as integral parts of your overall lifestyle.
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Nutrition and healthy eating

As specialty editor of the nutrition and healthy eating guide, she plays a vital role in bringing you healthy recipes and meal planning. “Nutrition is one way people have direct control over the quality of their lives,” she says. “I hope to translate the science of nutrition into ways that people can select and prepare great-tasting foods that help maintain health and treat disease.” A St. Paul, Minn., native, she has been with Mayo Clinic since 1978, and is director of clinical dietetics and an associate professor of nutrition at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. She leads clinical nutrition efforts for a staff of more than 60 clinical dietitians and nine dietetic technicians and oversees nutrition services, staffing, strategic and financial planning, and quality improvement. Nelson was co-editor of the “Mayo Clinic Diet” and the James Beard Foundation Award-winning “The New Mayo Clinic Cookbook.” She has been a contributing author to and reviewer of many other Mayo Clinic books, including “Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight for EveryBody,” “The Mayo Clinic Family Health Book” and “The Mayo Clinic/Williams Sonoma Cookbook.” She contributes to the strategic direction of the Food & Nutrition Center, which includes creating recipes and menus, reviewing nutrition content of various articles, and providing expert answers to nutrition questions.
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