Vitamins & Minerals For Hair That’s Healthier, Stronger And Shinier

Iron carries oxygen to hair and promotes growth. However, it is very important to discuss with your physician about how much iron (or any mineral) you should take every day. Iron-rich foods include, egg yolks, lentils, spinach and chicken. Vitamin D: This is important for hair follicle cycling, especially for individuals who live in northern parts of the United States w here sunlight is limited . A supplement is also prescribed as a treatment for atopic dermatitis like eczema. Salmon, mushroom, beef liver and grains are great alternative sources of vitamin D.
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Are Gummy Vitamins Any Good?

Vitamin B12: 1.2 to 2.8 mcg daily. Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps control infections, as well as plays a role in bone, teeth, gums, and blood vessel health. The current recommended daily intake is 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women.
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Vitamin supplements can help benefit your teeth

In addition, CircleUp provides consumer and retail companies access to a community of value-added partnerships including General Mills, Procter & Gamble, SPINs and Presence Marketing. ABOUT SMARTYPANTS SmartyPantsare the makers of the first and only All-in-One gummy vitamin. A Venice, CA based company, each of their great tastinggummiescontain a full multivitamin + over 100%RDI Vitamin D and an excellent source of Omega3 DHA & EPA fatty acids. Created by families and leading healthpractitioners, theSmartyPantsline of easy-to-chew vitamins are free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and use organic and natural sweeteners– no high fructose corn syrup.SmartyPantsare always gluten and casein free.
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SmartyPants Vitamins Closes $2.59 Million In Funding

Theres no question they taste better than normal vitamins but how do they compare nutritionally? Because the make-up of supplements differs between companies, its tricky to generalize. However, if we zone in on gummy multis, they tend to come out second best. Compared to standard multi-vitamins, which offer all you need, gummy vitamins dont have as wide a spectrum of nutrients, explains Kellie Bilinski, Dietitians Association of Australia spokesperson. Another big difference? Some gummy multis on the market are significantly lower in (or missing entirely) key nutrients such as zinc and calcium. Related: 8 Secrets to All-Day Energy But according to experts, the main concern with gummy supplements (whether its a multi or specific nutrient youre taking) is the sugar content, with many packing up to one teaspoon per serve.
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